Temuka ware is made from porcelain which is fully vitrified. This makes it very strong as well as preventing it absorbing moisture even if it is not covered by glaze.


The glazes on Temuka ware are fired at the same time as the porcelain to 1200 Deg.C. This ensures that they are as hard and as durable as it is possible to make them, and they become part of the porcelain. Because of this and the absence of water absorption the glazes will not craze in normal conditions.

Lead is not used in the glazes, which means they are always safe for cooking and for storage of foods.


Except for some logos on specialised ware, Temuka ware is individually hand painted before firing. In firing the colours become part of the glaze, so that even the strongest dishwasher detergents cannot fade them. 

Glaze Variation

Because Temuka pottery is hand painted, and unique glazes are used there are always variations from piece to piece.

Finished Glazed Size

Craft pottery produced in small batch sizes will also give variations in finished size. Measurements described are nominal and corresponding stock can finish at +/- 10mm.



Care of Temuka Ware

Never put Temuka ware onto a hotplate, a gas burner, a barbecue or anything that heats from the bottom of the ware as this is likely to cause cracking.

Running cold water directly onto a hot dish is likely to cause it to crack. Also, putting frozen items onto a hot dish can cause it to crack.

Microwave Safe

The ware is quite safe to use in both domestic and commercial microwaves.

Oven to Table

Temuka ware is safe to use in the oven and still has the style to grace any table.